Plugs for pipes
Plugs for pipes catalog number: POZ-06-25 (ɸ25), POZ-06-60 (ɸ60)
Plug the rectangular profiles
Plug the rectangular profiles catalog number: POZ-05-40x30 (40x30mm), POZ-05-40x60, POZ-05-40x80, POZ-05-50x30, POZ-05-60x80, POZ-05-100x50
Plugs for square profiles
Plugs for square profiles catalog number: POZ-04-20 (20x20mm), POZ-04-30, POZ-04-35, POZ-04-40, POZ-04-50, POZ-04-60, POZ-04-80
Treatment plant
Treatment plant catalog number: POZ-02